Prof. Chang-Soo Kim from South Korea arrived in Vilnius

Chang-Soo Kim and his wife in Vilnius

World Famous artist, printmaker, artist’s book creator Chang-Soo Kim with his wife during two months journey in Europe decided again to visit Lithuania.


Chang-Soo Kim and his wife in Vilnius


Agota, Chang-Soo Kim and his wife, and Kestutis






In 2009 Prof. Chang-Soo Kim, Prof. Wayne Andrew Crothers from Australia and Prof. Joseph Johannes Visser from The Netherlands has made the “International Artist’s Book Workshop Vilnius 2009” for international students in Vilnius Academy of Arts. The project was in frames of “Vilnius – European Capital of Culture 2009”.

After the artist’s book workshop professors and students had the beautiful journey in Lithuania.


Professors and students in Paberze. It was very cold morning…

This time we plane another journey in Lithuania.


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