Video-Artist’s Books of William Kentridge


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Artist’s Books of William Kentridge in Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Time: Spring 2017
Location: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark

William Kentridge “Thick Time”
Wang Shu “Amateur, Architecture, Studio”
Barnett Newman “Louisiana on Paper”


Direction from the road to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

After 23 year I returned back to fantastic museum in Denmark, to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

…In 1994 it was cold Spring when we the first time visited Denmark (the wind in the streets, flying rubbish, friendly drinkers – absolutely free atmosphere) and Louisiana Museum where was the Exhibition of Aboriginal Art. We were surprised by a “simple” Museum in the nature, near the sea. On this time we arrived from Printmaking Workshop in Sweden, from Angelholm, where we were an Artists in Residency, where we were sleeping on mattresses on the floor, and where we were very happy for the possibility to create and to live for 4 weeks in the Workshop. Sometimes we slept, when somebody started to work in the Printmaking Workshop… But it was almost 100 years ago…

And now the same windy Spring, the same atmosphere like many years ago, and the wonderful exhibitions, installations and videos of William Kentridge, Wang Shu and Barnett Newman. We spent all day in this Museum, and were absolutely happy. I have been in about 70 museums, and I would say there are not many places where you could feel so happy to be in the Museum, in the nature and near the sea – with Art.

William Kentridge born 1955 in South Africa. Artist best known for his prints, drawings, and animated films. You can’t be untouched by his art. For the series, he used a technique that would become a feature of his work – successive charcoal drawings, always on the same sheet of paper, contrary to the traditional animation technique in which each movement is drawn on a separate sheet. His animations deal with political and social themes from a personal and, at times, autobiographical point of view, since the author includes his self-portrait in many of his works.


William Kentridge

Here, in Louisiana I have found few video-artist’s books of William Kentridge. That is real artist’s books & real video-artist’s books! Great!

For me William Kentridge is amazing Artist. I wish you should go to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and discover a beautiful art space in the nature with many good exhibitions.

Kestutis Vasiliunas


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