2nd Relief Printmaking Symposium in Leipzig

The Bund Bildender Künstler Leipzig e. V. (Leipzig Association of Artists) invited five artists to participate in the “Hochdruck-Grafik-Symposion – edition carpe plumbum” (2nd Relief Printing Symposium) in Leipzig in time 29 July- 23 August 2013. Symposium was in the “Spinnerei”. After the Symposium, works created in “Edition Carpe Plumbum”, will be exhibited in some exhibitions […]

International Artist’s Book Workshop Vilnius 2009

Time: 15 October – 25 October 2009 Location: Vilnius Academy of Arts Artist's Book Workshop was conducted by international professors, winners of many premiums: Wayne Andrew Crothers from Australia, who is teaching in Japan; Chang-Soo Kim from South Korea; Joseph Johannes Visser from The Netherlands.           Prof. Wayne Andrew Crothers from […]

Artist’s Book Workshop “Love” in Venezia

Artist's Book Workshop with Kestutis Vasiliunas "Love" in Venezia Workshop di Libro d’Artista con Kestutis Vasiliunas. “Amore” Time: 8 October – 29 October 2010 Location: "Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Venezia", Italy Direttrice Artistica / Arts Director Signora Matilde Dolcetti       “Amore” è anche il tema della VI Triennale del Libro d’Artista di Vilnius, […]

3rd International Artist’s Book Triennial in Lille, France

Theme: “23 Sins” Time: 19 September – 10 October, 2004 Location: Gallery “Gravicel”, Lille, France             Jose Carlos Soto, Spain “Sinner’s diary”   The “3rd International Artist‘s Book Triennial Vilnius 2003” was part of the project “Lille – European Capital of Culture” project. Few artist’s books from the Triennial:   […]

6th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2012

  Theme: “Love” Jury meeting: 9-16 December 2011 Jury Members: Joseph Johannes Visser, The Netherlands; Hanne Matthiesen,  Denmark; Deirdre Kelly, Italy / U.K.; Kestutis Vasiliunas, Lithuania. Time & Location: 2 February – 3 March 2012, “Scuola Internazionale di Grafica”, Venice, Italy; 15 March – 18 March 2012, Leipzig Book Fair, Germany; 12 April – 28 […]

2nd International Artist‘s Book Triennial Vilnius 2000 – Calligraphic Artist’s Book

Theme – “Apocalypse”. Gallery “Kaire – Desine”, Vilnius, Lithuania; 2 November – 28 November 2000. Alla Georgieva, Bulgaria. Along with the main exposition of the 2nd International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2000, a satellite exhibition of Calligraphic Artist’s Book was arranged. 17 artists from Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, Russia, Germany, Estonia, Bulgaria, the USA and Lithuania […]

2nd International Artist‘s Book Triennial in Salzburg, Austria

Theme – “Apocalypse”. Gallery 5020, Salzburg, Austria; 10 January – 3 February 2001.         The 2nd International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2000 was exhibited in the Gallery 5020, in Salzburg, Austria. A coordinator of the 2nd International Artist’s Book Triennial in Austria, Martin Gredler wrote in the catalogue: “Obviously, the medium of […]

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