Meeting with Artist’s Book Creators in Leipzig Book Fair


Diana, Migle, Giedre, Juste, Barbara Beisinghoff, Kristina, Kamile, Jure and Kestutis

Time: 23-26 March 2017
Location: “26. IAKH”, Halle 3, Stand H 501, Leipzig Book Fair, Germany

Leipzig Book Fair – the art space for artist’s books, limited & fine art editions, prints, private press, exhibitions, universities, competition for the best book design, antique books, readings and etc. But what is most important – it’s a meeting space for an artists, for artist’s book creators; The space where you can meet your old art friends and to find new, where you can monitor what is happening in the art of an artist’s book and follow the progress of contemporary book design.

And always it is nice to come to Leipzig Book Fair with students, with the younger generation of artists. Here we have the best lessons of book design or typography, artist’s book or illustration. Here we discuses about good, conceptual and bad books in the Leipzig Book Fair. Here we meet our art friends and talk with them about ideas and visualization of it in a book format.

So it was normal that our meeting we started with good friend of Lithuania, very good and interesting artist – Barbara Beisinghoff. She create not only wonderful artist’s books, but also prints, handmade paper art and art installations. For creating an artist’s book Barbara has great idea, very clear concept. In her artist’s books Barbara Beisinghoff use many different papers, printing methods and beautiful bindings. She create book as an object as sculpture where is very important a light.

It is always nice to meet Prof. Sabine Golde from Kunsthochschule Halle – conceptual artist, artist’s book creator, typographer. She create wonderful artist’s books in minimalism style.

Franziska Neubert – book artist, illustrator, printmaker – very good and interesting artist. Her art based on coloured woodcut, sometime with many colours. For some illustrations in artist’s books she use 24 colours. Intelligent prints.

Nice to see young conceptual artist – Patrizia Meinert. Her artist’s books always fascinating me and not only me. Students has been impressed by her artist’s book “Makulatur”.

Rita Lass – very interesting artist’s book creator, book binder. Each year she shows something new, and this time we have seen beautiful artist’s book made in accordion-flag book structure.


Rita Lass

In Leipzig Book Fair we have met an artists from Japan – Yasutomo Ota. His artist’s books absolutely conceptual, very sensitive made.

After 20 I have met an artist who participated in the 1st Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 1997 – Sascha Noatsch. He has been in Vilnius, and we with few more artists have made journey through Lithuania to the seashore, to Kuršių nerija – Curonian Spit (Kurische Nehrung). It was only the end of September 1997, but in the morning in the garden near our house, where were stay for a night, with ripe apples were a snow. Beautiful view. So, this man, Sascha Noatsch, after so long time was very happy for finding me in the Leipzig Book Fair… Strange meeting.


With Sascha Noatsch

Here artist Gisela Oberbeck also found me for showing her artist’s books. She few times participated in the Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius.


Gisela Oberbeck

Our group was very graciously greeted the exhibition of South Korea books. Many years I’m following books of Korea. They are always very good – each year they has special theme of the presentation of Korean culture. The boss of the exhibition stand was very happy to see us, and to explain about culture and history of books in Korea.


In the stand of South Korea

Kestutis Vasiliunas