Evaldas Mikalauskis – Personal Exhibition in Vilnius


Evaldas Mikalauskis in the Exhibition

Evaldas Mikalauskis Solo Exhibition


Time: 3-26 November 2016
Location: Gallery “Kaire – Desine”, Vilnius, Lithuania

Artist, artist’s book creator and printmaker Evaldas Mikalauskis opened personal exhibition in Vilnius, in the gallery “Kaire – Desine”. Congratulation!



Evaldas Mikalauskis – conceptual printmaker and artist’s book maker, one of the best Lithuanian printmakers. Evaldas – self ironic person, which is very rare among artists. In his art works everything is very important – idea, method of creating, technology, way of printing, quality of the print.



Evaldas is perfectionist in his art. He looking for new ways, for new technological solutions for expressing their ideas in print or artist’s book. Evaldas Mikalauskis successfully combines the classical printmaking knowledge with innovation and unexpectedness. You never will not fully understand how it’s done. His prints, or the pages in artist’s books are very sensitive, but also they are very ironic.


Evaldas Mikalauskis & Kestutis Vasiliunas in the Exhibition

Evaldas Mikalauskis participated several times with his wonderful artist’s books in the “Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius”. His conceptual and self ironic artist’s book “Diary”, created in 1997, was printed intaglio on plastic. This artist’s book was sold in Switzerland.

Artist's book "Diary"

Artist’s book “Diary”



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