6 days Printmaking Workshop of XiaoFei Li

XiaoFei Li (China) – Printmaking Workshop



Prof. XiaoFei Li in thoughtfulness

An artist’s book maker and printmaker Prof. XiaoFei Li from China has made the Printmaking Workshop “Print As A Way For Seeing”.

Time: 6-13 October, 2016
Location: Vilnius Academy of Arts, Graphic Department, Lithuania

In the beginning Prof. Ph.D. XiaoFei Li gave the lecture “Reality of Illusion”.


During 6 days of the Workshop in Graphic Department in Vilnius students has created woodcut and printed it in two colours. Prof XiaoFei Li found good friendly contact with the students. His erudition, lectures and help were very impressive. Students were working with love very hard and has created good prints.


XiaoFei Li showed how to print correctly woodcut in two colours by Chines way. Maybe it’s looks simple when you know how to do that, but in reality it has some secrets. Especially if you want to go from printing in “brutal” expressionism way to delicate East printing style.


The atmosphere of the Workshop was very good, friendly and creative.


After the Workshop Prof. XiaoFei Li gave the feedback for students.


We have made the photo with Prof. XiaoFei Li.

The Exhibition of created prints during the Workshop were exhibited in Graphic Department.


Curator of the Workshop – Prof. Kestutis Vasiliunas

artist’s book