Artists for the 7th Artist’s Book Triennial in Hamburg 2016

7th Artist’s Book Triennial in the 11th Book Fair Hamburg 2016

Time: 16-17 January 2016
Location: Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg

Our partner BuchDruckKunst e.V. invited us to show part of the “7th International Artist’s Book Exhibition Vilnius 2015” in the “11th Book Fair Hamburg 2016”. They had special request to us – to show in the Hamburg Fair artist’s book-objects from not Germany artists. That is normal – the whole Fair is dedicated to the artists from Germany, so we have to show something totally different. We have prepared the special collection of an artist’s book-objects.

Artist’s selected for the Exhibition in Hamburg:

Mayumi Arakawa / Japan
Eszter Bornemisza / Hungary
Synnove Dickhoff / Finland
Yuko Ebina / Japan
Timothy Frerichs / USA
Ania Gilmore / USA
Nancy Hart / USA
Toshihiro Hattori / Japan
Tamara JelaCa / Serbia
Garry Kaulitz / Alaska
Lorraine Kwan / Canada
Mario Lagos / Chile
Marianne Laimer / Sweden
Silvia Lepore / Italy
Xiao Fei Li / China
Dalia Lopez Madrona / Sweden
Hanne Matthiesen / Denmark
Leo Morrissey / USA
Stephen Murphy / USA
Nina Nisonen / Finland
R. Prost / USA
Claire Jeanine Satin / USA
Anna Snaedis Sigmarsdottir / Iceland
Hanne Stochholm / Denmark
Peter and Donna Thomas / USA
Marja Leena Valkola / Finland
Yuko Wada / Japan
Beata Wehr / USA


Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg

Also we plane to take with us and to show few more artist’s books, if we will have the space in the Fair:

Patrick Aubert / France
Maria Pina Bentivenga / Italy
Alf Bjork / Sweden
Wayne Crothers / Australia
Dean Dass / USA
Elisabetta Diamanti / Italy
Shirley Greer / Canada
Karen Hardy / USA
Candace Hicks / USA
Karen Kunc / USA
Brody Neuenschwander / Belgium
Seekers of Lice / U.K.
Ema Shin / Japan
Joseph Johannes Visser / The Netherlands
Liang Zang / China


Artist’s Book of Roberta Vaigeltaite, Lithuania

The next request from the organizer was to show in Hamburg the collection of artist’s books of Lithuanian artists.

Thank you for collaboration with us,

Kestutis Vasiliunas
curator of the Triennial