International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius – 25 Years!


Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius – 25 Years!



Today, on 23rd of September 1997, we opened the “1st International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius” in the Gallery “Kairė Dešinė” in Vilnius.

During these exciting 25 years, we have done 9 “International Artist’s Book Triennials Vilnius” to which 911 artists from 68 countries were selected for the exhibitions. The Triennials were exhibited not only in Lithuania, but also in Salzburg (Austria), Lille (France), Leipzig, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Rheine (Germany), Venice, Vercelli, Urbino (Italy), Seoul (South Korea), Halmstad (Sweden), Silkeborg (Denmark), Evanston and Fredonia (US).

Over the 25 years, we did more than 50 international artist’s book exhibitions, workshops, symposiums and lectures in Lithuania, Germany, Austria, South Korea, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France and US.

It was a very interesting and intensive years. And only God knows how hard they were. This is 25 years of my life dedicated to promoting the artist book and the artists who create it. And what shall we say now? That they passed in vain?

And the next huge project that I started is the Artist’s Book Museum.

Thanks for Artists, who created artist’s books, who sent it for “International Artist’s Book Triennials Vilnius”, who trusted in us.



Prof. Kestutis Vasiliunas
Curator of the Triennials
Chief of the Circle “Bokartas”

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