Contemporary Artist’s Book – Lecture in the “Gachon University” in Seoul


Contemporary Artists Book


Time: 6 November 2018
Location: Gachon University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

The lecture “Contemporary Artist’s Book” was about what’s going on with contemporary artist’s book in the world: in Europe, in U.S.A., South America and in the East. After my 25 years activity in artist’s book world, meetings with artists, curating many artist’s book exhibitions in abroad, I have some understanding about the situation with contemporary artist’s book in the world. And the situation is very interesting and curiously, because in some “cultural countries” like France very few artists create artist’s books, although the Livre d’artiste was born in France…; in Germany more popular to created artist’s books (Künstlerbücher) in edition as in Germany are very big and strong artist’s book market; in Italy many artist’s and not artists create artist’s books, but it is very deeply connected with the narrative. In U.K. artist’s book mostly belongs to commercial art – in U.K are a lot of Art book fairs, where everybody trying to sell professional made artist’s books, published and printed in small edition. In U.S.A. are many professional artist’s book’ communities connected with libraries which collect artist’s books. The libraries exhibits annuals artist’s book exhibitions of members;  but also there in U.S.A. are many workshops for learning how to print, fold and bound printed matter for making an artist’s book, or something like that… In the East, artist’s book as art medium is new kind of art, although the Book was born in the East, but there we have some or better to say few (if we compare with the population) very interesting and professional artist’s book creators.

What we say about Korea? – Wonderful country with old history, with very kind people, beautiful nature and very delicious food. It was very nice to return back to Korea after 11 years.


Forest in Jeju island


Small street at night in Seoul


Traditional food on the street at night

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