8th Artist‘s Book Triennial in Leipzig Book Fair


Students from the Graphic Art Department, Vilnius Academy of Arts. In the front: Paule, from the left: Laura, Elzbieta, Ieva, Dainora, Augustina, Valentina, Irma & Prof. 2Cent.

8th International Artist‘s Book Triennial Vilnius 2018
in the Leipzig Book Fair

Theme: Memento Mori


Time: 15-18 March, 2018
Location: Leipzig Book Fair
Halle 3, H501
“Internationale Ausstellung für Künstlerbücher und Handpressendrucke IAKH”
Leipzig, Germany



Artist’s books: Anna Snaedis Sigmarsdottir, Iceland; Stephen Mumberson, England; Rasa Januleviciute, Lithuania.

In Cooperation with:
Internationale Ausstellung für Künstlerbücher und Handpressendrucke IAKH
Mr. Jost Braun
M.F.A. / IAKH-Direktor


Kestutis Vasiliunas
Curator of the Triennial

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