Artist’s Books and Prints Exhibition in Hamburg 2017


BuchDruckKunst – Messe der Druckkunst

Time: 18-19 March, 2017
Location: Museum der Arbeit in Hamburg, Germany

BuchDruckKunst founded by Stefan and Wibke Bartkowiak, two book lovers, – the great meeting space for artist’s book makers, artists, publishes and visitors – for everybody who love book, artist’s book, handmade paper, print and good typography.

In the BuchDruckKunst participate 50 famous artist’s book makers and small publishes. Many of them are our friends, wonderful artists, who participated in our artist’s book triennials or artists with whom we participated in some artist’s book exhibitions and fairs like Barbara Beisinghoff, Daniel Hees, Hilla Rost, Svato Zapletal, Uta Schneider and Ulrike Stoltz, Franziska Neubert, Thomas Siemon, Peter J. Moosbrugger.

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