Conceptual Book Course in the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki


Artists Book & Conceptual Booook


Time: 14-15 February 2017
Location: University of the Arts Helsinki / Academy of Fine Arts


Academy of Fine Arts

The “Academy of Fine Arts” in Helsinki invited Prof. Kestutis Vasiliunas from Graphic Departments / Vilnius Academy of Arts to give the lectures in the frame of the “Conceptual Book Course”.


After the lectures with Prof. Annu Vertanen from the Printmaking Department and few students

During the lectures were examined some aspects of conceptuality of the artist’s book and the conceptual book design as well.


Page from the lecture

Analysis of the originals artist’s books was held during the lecture.


Page from the lecture about conceptuality of the artist’s book

After the lectures were discussing about students artist’s books projects.


Printmaking Department in the Academy of Fine Arts

Lectures topics:
“Conceptual Book”
“Artist’s Book History by Structures”
“What is Conceptual Artist’s Book”
“Conceptual Book Design”
“Conceptuality of Artist’s Books – from the point of the History”


Helsinki in the night