Journey to the 13th International Artist’s Book Biennial Horn 2016

Journey to the 13th International Artist’s Book Biennial Horn 2016


Biennial Time: 7 May – 2 July 2016
Location: Kunstverein Horn, Austria

Curator: Toni Kurz


Horn, Austria

After 1100 km driving through Poland and Czech Republic with an artist’s books we arrived in Horn, beautiful town in Austria. If in Lithuania was early cold Spring and trees just started gingerly bloom, in Poland was real wonderful Spring – everything was drowned in flowers. When we arrived in Austria here was the beginning of the Summer – all trees were with leafs. And all trees were full of birds.


Lithuanian table in Horn Artist’s Book Fair

In Horn I had to install “my personal table” with my and my friends artist’s books and prints. I didn’t had small prints so I hanged one bigger print for the exhibition. Here in the Artist’s Book Fair Horn I again met old friends from other artist’s book fairs: Wibke Bartkowiak from Hamburg, Francis van Maele from Ireland, Svato Zapletal from Czech Republic.

In Austria was big religion celebration, so all small towns and villages were installed with big trees with wreaths.


Memento Mori !



Driver Kestutis Vasiliunas




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