7th Artist’s Book Triennial in the Vilnius Book Fair 2016


Brody Neuenschwander, Belgium

7th International Artist’s Book Triennial in the 17th International Vilnius Book Fair

Time: 25th-28th February 2016
Location: Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre LITEXPO, Vilnius

The Circle “Bokartas” in cooperation with the Graphic Department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts show the part of the 7th Artist’s Book Triennial in the 17th International Vilnius Book Fair. Artist’s books for the Exhibition were selected looking on the possibility to display it in the Book Fair. Most of the artist’s books from the 7th Artist’s Book Triennial in this Exhibition are printed, has some traditional binding or has made in “classical style”. Here we can’t show very small or very big artist’s books. Only artist’s book of artist Czaja Braatz – really big book, will be exhibited in the Fair. This artist’s book will be hang in the space and has “to invite” visitors to the Exhibition.

Many thanks to all Artists from the 7th International Artist’s Book Triennial for participating in our Artist’s Book Exhibitions.

Artists selected for the exhibition in the Vilnius Book Fair:

Lene Bennike, Denmark
Maria Pina Bentivenga, Italy
Gudrun Bialas, Germany
Czaja Braatz, Germany
Frances Breen, Austria
Loretta Cappanera, Italy
Pauline Clancy, Northern Ireland
Dean Dass, USA
Elisabetta Diamanti, Italy
Synnove Dickhoff, Finland
Benna Gaean Maris, Italy
Roberto Gianinetti, Italy
Brigitte Gmachreich-Jünemann, Germany
Karen Hardy, USA
Candace Hicks, USA
Lis Rejnert Jensen, Denmark
Olof Kangas, Finland
Chang-Soo Kim, Korea (South)
Karen Kunc, USA
Lucas Kunz, Germany
Kevin McCaughey, USA
Patrizia Meinert, Germany
Monika Micevičiūtė, Lithuania
Evaldas Mikalauskis, Lithuania
Peter J. Moosbrugger, Germany
Brody Neuenschwander, Belgium
Nina Nisonen, Finland
Miglė Pužaitė, Lithuania
Ema Shin, Japan
Hanne Stochholm, Denmark
Josephine Tabbert, Germany
Roberta Vaigeltaitė, Lithuania
Kęstutis Vasiliūnas, Lithuania
Joseph Johannes Visser, Netherlands
Carola Willbrand, Germany


Curator: Prof. Kestutis Vasiliunas