Artist’s Books from Lithuania in Hamburg

11. Norddeutsche Handpressenmesse BuchDruckKunst


Museum der Arbeit

Time: 15-17 January 2016
Location: Museum der Arbeit, Hamburg, Germany

The Hamburg Book Fair – 11. Norddeutsche Handpressenmesse BuchDruckKunst – wonderful art event for artists, publishes and visitors, for everybody who love book, artist’s book, handmade paper, print and good typography. Very good organisation, many good and interesting invited artists and small publishes. Wonderful place for meeting old friends. Many people come to say for us “Hello’, they knows us and our international activity. Special for the opening arrived an artist and jury member of the 7th Artist’s Book Triennial – Hanne Matthiese from Denmark. Here in Hamburg Book Fair I met artists from our Artist’s Book Triennials, like Annete C. Disslin, Gudrun Bialas and Hilla Rost from Germany, Roland Meuter from Switzerland. Also I met and few artists who we not selected for the Triennial…


Artist’s Books from Lithuania

In the Hamburg Book Fair we have made the exhibition of artist’s book-objects from the 7th Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2015 and Lithuanian Artist’s Books. 34 artist’s from Japan, Sweden, France, Hungary, Finland, USA, Serbia, Alaska, Canada, Chile, Italy, China, Denmark, Iceland and The Netherlands we presented 7th Artist’s Book Triennial in the Exhibition.


Artist’s Books from Lithuania

Here in Hamburg, in “Museum der Arbeit” we had big and good space for our artist’s books. During all book fair we had a lot of visitors. I could say – professional visitors, who knows what is an artist’s book and who were very interested in our artist’s book collection – artist’s book-objects.


Museum der Arbeit

If we compare what were exhibited in Hamburg Book Fair, we would see, that many small publishing houses (editors) from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Russia and other countries had beautiful and good made traditional artist’s books (in edition). It was interesting to see how they continue and changing, developing the tradition of German artist’s book. I found here my friends, very interesting artists: conceptual artist Sabine Golde from the University of Art and Design Halle with her new conceptual artist’s book, an artist Gerd J. Wunderer with strange unique artist’s books painted with aquarelle and wooden covers…, Francis van Maele and Antic-Ham from RedFoxPress.


Francis van Maele and Antic-Ham from RedFoxPress



Organiser: Circle “Bokartas”
in Cooperation with: BuchDruckKunst e.V.

Curator: Kestutis Vasiliunas





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  1. Dear Kestutis,
    our meeting in Hamburg has pleased me. In the meantime I finished again a new book. The theme is: Christian koans. On my homepage, there is a download of my magazine book art worlds, treasures of book art. It might interest you. I’m always a film about the respective new book at the same time.

    You can find the download of the magazine under following links:

    You can find the video on this link:

    other films see

    Friends still many greetings from Bavaria

    Gerd j. Wunderer

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