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Kathryn Shank Frate {Italy}, Pauline Clancy {Northern Ireland}, Joseph Johannes Visser {The Netherlands}

7th Artist’s Book Triennial in Vilnius 2015

Exhibition time: 22 October – 21 November 2015
Location: Gallery “Titanikas”, Vilnius, Lithuania

Articles about 7th Artist’s Book Triennial in http://www.bernardinai.lt/ by Jurgita Sprindžiūnienė

Article in English with 43 photos!

Artists-Book-Triennial-in-Lithuanian-News-Bernardinaiin http://lzinios.lt/  by Rūta Klišytė


Organiser of the Triennial: Circle “Bokartas”

Curator: Prof. Kestutis Vasiliunas

In Cooperation with:
Vilnius Academy of Arts, Graphic Department, Vilnius, Lithuania
Gallery “Globus”, Leipzig, Germany
Città di Vercelli, Italia
Gallery “Titanikas”, Vilnius, Lithuania
BuchDruckKunst e.V., Hamburg, Germany
“The Cole Art Center”, Nacogdoches, U.S.A.

Main Sponsor: Lithuanian Council for Culture

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