7th Artist’s Book Triennial in Vercelli – Article in Newspaper – translated


Time: 5–19 September, 2015
Location: “Museo Leone” (“Museum Leone”), V. Verdi 30, Vercelli
& “Studio 10″ City Gallery, not fot profit, P.zzetta P. Levi 9, Vercelli
Opening: 17:30, 5 September, 2015 in “Museo Leone” &
19:00 in “Studio 10″, Vercelli

The Newspaper “Corriere Eusebiano” in Vercelli, Italia on 25 of June 2015 published the article about the “7th International Artist’s Book Triennial Vilnius 2015″.Artists-Book-Triennial-in-Vercelli-Article-2015

Here is the translation of the article:

Vercelli – Visible to the Whole World

From to 5 to 9 September, Vercelli will host an extraordinary event – opening of Vilnius Artist’s Book Triennial. Without any expenses, the seventh international exhibition, based in the capital of Lithuania, comes to the rice city and lifts it to a whole new level with its official opening. Next year, the exhibition is going to travel to Texas – this was announced at a press conference at the Town Hall this Monday.

‘Curator Kęstutis Vasiliūnas is a very dear friend of mine, having stayed at my place three years ago,’ Vercelli graphic artist Roberto Gianinetti remarked and went on to tell how the project was born. ‘Appreciating the beauty of our city, he asked when we could bring the Triennial to this city of bishops. I started networking with the city’s municipality and sculptor Carla Crosio, head of the ‘StudioDieci’ studio, and here we are’. It really is a prestige event, boasting of 21 years of history and stages in different countries of the world, from Korea to The Netherlands, from Italy (Venice) to U.S.A.…

It all suggests that for fifteen days Vercelli will grow into prominence of ‘European Culture Capital’, gathering into the city around eighty artists with more than 150 works to exhibit. The opening of the exhibition will take place on 5 September in two venues: 17.30 at the Hercules hall of the Lion Museum and 19.30 on the new premises of the ‘StudioDieci’ study on Verdi street, just a few metres away. The name of the artist’s book exhibition entails some elaborate wordplay on the Latin term ‘Error’, which interpreted not only as an error but as wandering or roaming: by virtue of his nature, the artist ‘wanders’ through the world from one place to another, seeking to spark a dialogue in the language of silence that eventually becomes universal. What is even more, this language is emotional, tangible, visible, colourful and manifold as an artist’s books can be read and browsed in the traditional paper form and touched given the works of art are in the form of real objects, or just enjoyed when they are intangible, digital, fast fading, technological and innovative.

‘It is our honour to organise this high class event,’ mayor Maura Forte emphasised. ‘Exclusivity and added value of our region is excellence, a trait characteristic of Roberto Gianinetti, who is probably more recognised abroad than in our city’. A short video about the numerous artist’s book exhibitions held in Italy and other countries all over the world revealed how important the initiative is and how appreciated the artists exhibiting their woks are, including graphic artist ‘Bicciolano’.

Even culture expert Elizabetta Dellavalle expressed her ‘joy to organise a triennial of such prominence that draws attention to traditional typography and engraving – two arts that artists of our region have mastered, from the old silversmithing to “Sambonet”’. An artist’s book also encompasses ‘the notion of freedom, liber’, expressed by the author in many expression forms, and, in this particular case, related to error arising from the ambivalence of the word: failure in pursuit of something new or wanderings in search of meaning, ideas, inspiration or comparison…

Conservator of the Lion museum Luca Brusotto is also highly enthusiastic, and believes that this exhibition ‘is a unique occasion allowing us for the first time to collaborate with studio ‘Studiodieci’ and exchange new experience’, i.e. to unite the past and the present, looking into the future.

‘We are glad to be able to hold an event at our gallery that is sponsored by one of our artists,’ said Diego Pasqualin, the new art director of ‘Studiodieco’, ‘we make mistakes, we intertwine with other artists. We are thankful to Gianinetti to be able to have this possibility’.

Ilde Lorenzola