Retro 1: Artist’s Book Exhibition “Book” in 1993

Catalogue-Book_1993-1Retro: Artist’s Book Exhibition “Book”, 1993

Time: 17th August – 13th September 1993
Location: Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius

Photos from the Exhibition

I have been organizing Artist‘s Book Exhibitions for 21 years. I decided to look back on what has been done over the years. How does the first Exhibitions of Artist’s Books looks now, after 21 years. I want to believe it will be interesting and for you to see from what we started our activity, what we were thinking in this time, who participated in the exhibitions, what kind of books we were presented in the exhibitions.

So, we start from the first Artist’s Book Exhibition, organized by me in 1993. And this first Exhibition was exhibited in the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius – in the most important art institution in Lithuania!

Kestutis Vasiliunas