“Artist’s Books” in Berlin


Trip to Berlin

This weekend I was (with a company) in Berlin. Our goal was to visit the exhibition “Kapoor in Berlin”. Together with this exhibition, in “Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin” where were installed big size art works of Anish Kapoor, was a retrospective of Meret Oppenheim, 100 years after her birth. It was cozy exhibition with small drawings, sculptures, paintings and objects. Small art works, but so good and beautiful.

In the first day we just walking and admired the architecture of Berlin until in one street we “found” the “Judisches Museum Berlin”. We have heard that this is a nice museum, but the reality has surpassed any imagination. In my life I have seen about 200 museums in many countries, but this one was fantastic. We looked not on the exhibits, but how it was exhibited. The architects of the museum did something wonderful. And I started to think how would be nice to exhibit artist’s books on this way… It was good lesson for me, and I wish for all artists to visit this museum, and to learn about the culture of displaying art works. Here I found some beautiful “artist’s books”. In reality it was not real artists books, but displaying the information on the principles of an artist’s book, with metal cover, drawers and etc.

Berlin is especially beautiful at night.

Kestutis Vasiliunas