Exhibition – Josephine Tabbert “Book Objects”

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Josephine Tabbert “Book Objects”

Time: 28 June – 12 July 2013
Location: Artist’s Book Gallery

Famous artist – Josephine Tabbert – in the Virtual Gallery.

Josephine Tabbert presents sensitive and delicate artist’s books from soft materials like handmade paper or fabric. For her art works very important texture and structure, connection between line and spot, between natural paper and colour, between drawing and text. Here we see wall artist’s books and artist’s books objects.

“I am working with two and three dimensional plant-fiber-paper of my own production knitting, perforating, sewing, writing, drawing, painting in terms of my interest in the spatial distribution of handwriting, pictorial signs, lines, patterns and Textures” says artist Josephine Tabbert from Germany.

Kestutis Vasiliunas
Curator of the Virtual Gallery